2023 Grand Champion Zachary Younker

Zachary is a full-time auctioneer operating out of Berkley Springs, WV and is also a WVAA board member. The WVAA is proud to have Zachary on the list of Champions!

“I felt speechless and grateful to win the WVAA bid calling championship. I went there with a growth mindset that no matter the outcome I know I’ve worked hard to get here in life, but this was an accomplishment I wanted to achieve to help me learn and grow as a professional auctioneer. I also wanted to win for my dad, so he could be proud of me before he passed away with his long battle with cancer in the following weeks after the competition. That evening, it all just came together. So thanks to the WVAA and to my wife and everyone who has helped me in this journey.

The WVAA, to me, means family. I joined the WVAA as a 1st generation auctioneer with no real direction in this business. The amazing people my wife, Maranda, and I have met and worked with throughout these last few years, who gave us guidance and support, have been great. Being a part of an association that has our best interest in mind as auctioneers in the great state of West Virginia is second to none.”



-Zachary Younker, Auctioneer